2015-02-13 13.46.00

The response you want

We launched the Chef Curry food truck last night in NYC for the NBA All-Star Weekend with Under Armour.  So far the buzz for the truck has been incredibly positive. It was this Instagram, in particular, that just made it all worth it.


Apps Overtaking Hollywood

Only counting iOS vs. only US box office revenues, apps have our earned Hollywood. More interestingly, the mobile screen has taken over the ‘silver’. It shouldn’t be a surprise. I can count more than I have fingers the number of times a bright screen has flashed on… Read more

Evolution of Verse

Evolution of Verse

I just downloaded and experienced ‘Evolution of Verse’, a VR film by Chris Milk that debuted at Sundance. He just made ‘Evolution’ along with a live action VR film he did in collaboration with Spike Jonez available via his VRSE app. I’m still downloading the… Read more