GSP Employee of the Year Trip

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My open letter to GSP

It’s been almost a year to the day that my former agency, Goodby Silverstein + Partners, gave me the honor of being named their Employee of the Year for 2010.

It was a truly meaningful honor for me, because I got to work with my family everyday. And when you can say that, when you can believe that, you do everything you can to bring your very best to the table.Reflecting on a year ago with another ex-GSPer who was there at last years holiday party, they reminded me of something I said that stuck with them. And although I’m no longer at GSP, I still believe it more now than ever because in the face of everything, it’s what makes that place special.

“This place [GSP] expects the best out of us, and in turn we expect the best out of each other”.

I was proud, no matter the circumstances, to bring my very best to the table every single day for the handful of years I was there. 2010 was one heck of a year for me at GSP and I’m humbled by every second of it, the highs and the lows.

I’m grateful for having the opportunity to be a part of one of the best agencies in the world, working alongside some of the finest people anywhere.

With all my heart, thank you to every single person, my family at GSP, for bestowing me with such a great honor last year and for a truly priceless gift. GSP will always be part of my family.

You all were with us on this trip.

Warmest regards… happy holidays…

I miss you all,

– Nam

Update: For those who asked, the music is The Fear by Ben Howard.


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  2. This is beautiful… what a wonderful tribute to GSP and also to your dad. This past year we took my mom to Italy (not exactly the same, but she’s never been before) and the watching this made me remember the amazing time we had and the wonder and excitement in her eyes… and may have just inspired me to put together a video/scrapbook of the time with her. LIfe is about having and remembering these incredible moments.

    So glad you’re part of our ‘family’ now. Wishing you, your family and Leigh a happy holiday.

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  4. Taleah Mona-Lusky says

    Love the video, you, your pops, the song, the country. So very inspiring…….

  5. Christin Sperry says

    Nam no words – you know how I feel about ya without even saying a word.

  6. nicole hering says

    thank you for sharing this nam – inspiring indeed!
    let’s make dad’s next trip to nyc. what a guy 🙂

  7. Danielle Hughes (Krasowski) says

    Nam, I freaking miss you! hope NYC is treating you well. I love your personal video, I am sure it was the trip of a lifetime. xx

  8. Chris Roe says

    Wow! Thanks for sharing, Nam. So-Damn-Cool. I hope your Father found the peace he was looking for.

  9. Liz Jones says

    Nam, I wish you could have seen the whole room in tears. Thanks for sending us this. It’s amazing.

  10. Matt Herrmann says

    Thank you so much for reminding us of how good we can all be. Miss you.

  11. Maura says

    amazing Nam, so happy you had a wonderful and meaningful trip. they couldn’t ask for a more deserving recipient. You inspired me everyday at GSP. I miss working with you! all the best! xx Maura

  12. Sarah (Fernbacher) Bennett says

    Tears watching this video, thanks for sharing and hope you are doing well. Miss you and the GSP family!

  13. Holly McMichael says

    Nam, this is absolutely beautiful, what an amazing gift. Truly inspiring.

  14. nam…this is AMAZING…such an amazing thing you did for your dad and what an incredible journey…thanks for sending…still crying! x

  15. linda says

    There will not be a dry eye when this is shown, Nam.
    How lovely in every possible way.
    Take good care.


  16. jen marek says

    This is so beautiful. Thanks for sharing. They better show this tonight!

  17. Brittany Hawkins says

    Amazingly beautiful video. We miss you so much!!! Come back soon.
    – B

  18. Jessica Orlandi says

    What a lovely video! Thank you so much for sharing it with us…

  19. Lesly Pyle says

    Nam, I was just thinking of you yesterday. I was thinking what a shame it was that you no longer work with us. And selfishly, that I wouldnt get to learn about your trip. Thank you for this.

    PS You are still the only GSP-er (besides myself) that has met my dad.

    Love, Lesly

  20. Nam, this was beautiful through and through. And the fact that you’ve still thought to share this with us makes it that much clearer that no one deserved it more.

  21. Margaret Brett-Kearns says

    Nam, that is a beautiful video. And such a beautiful gift that you gave you Dad. I’m in tears. This needs to be shown tomorrow night.

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