Beyoncé Parfums / I Rise

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Inspired by Maya Angelou’s poem, “Still I Rise”, and Gen Y’s unrelenting desire to pursue their dreams, we built a digital campaign for the launch of Beyoncé’s latest fragrance, Rise.

Given that this was Beyoncé’s 8th fragrance, the typical formula of traditional communication would’ve come across as outdated and lackluster. An adoring fan base that was hyperactive on Queen Bey’s social channels meant we should seize on their energy.

We leveraged the cult-like fans of four female digital influencers to kick off our campaign focusing on Instagram as our platform.

The content and call to action was simple, ‘What do you rise for?’

With an active influencer marketing strategy, we elevated the fragrance from a celebrity-centered product to a symbol of what Beyoncé stands for; female empowerment and an unstoppable force for greatness.


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