Chevrolet / Notes from 35


The second we won the Chevrolet business was the moment my team and I started planning to hit the road. Coming out of the bailout with consumer sentiment and sales down, we wanted find out the state of trucks in America. And forget focus groups, truck insights can not be found within four walls and a two-way mirror.

So we flew out to San Antonio, packed up a Silverado and  spent 16 days traveling north on Interstate 35. With no plan aside I35 to keep us moving and honest when we strayed off to explore, we immersed ourselves in local culture and made a few friends along the way.

We created a web portal where the Chevy team at home could track and view our tweets, daily blogs  and video content for real-time insights. We were able to light up the Chevy team and clients by capturing the audience like never before. The entire effort netted additional revenue streams for content and research. Just days after presenting the work we got briefed in to replicate the effort for the Camaro.

The following is a book we published and distributed to clients, the friends we made off I35 and enthusiasts in Chevy Truck forums.