Samsung / ADD52


ADD52 is the future of talent discovery — powered by artists, fueled by fans and united by Samsung technology. For 52 consecutive weeks, we gave unsigned artists the opportunity to be discovered and signed by All Def Music, the industry’s most innovative new label.


The process of talent discovery is outdated. There are too many stars that may never get discovered. Because they get lost in the noise, don’t understand the business and have the right team around them, not because they don’t have what it takes.

We created a platform powered by an algorithm that helps bubble up talent to the ADD A+R team. It levels the playing field for artists and helps the label find stars faster.

Through the partnership with Samsung and Milk Music, we surrounded the platform with their technology to help in the process. Listens and engagement on Milk Music counted toward the algorithm. Milk also provided a channel for fans to discover the best music they haven’t heard of yet. And Samsung devices were integrated into nimble content creation and the artists workflow (i.e. music videos, songwriting, recording, etc. for our single of the week artists).

ADD52 - video content

Learn more by checking out the AdAge article on how we’re utilizing the data from the ADD52 platform.