TIME Inc / Moment In TIME


TIME, once a progressive news source, with the most valuable real estate in publishing, had fallen behind and failed to stay relevant. 

In today’s media, weekly doesn’t cut it anymore. To respond, TIME recently made a substantial investment in digital and content to do for the minute what it once did for the week. However, with an influx of a young and digital savvy workforce, came reservations from the seasoned and world-class tenured staff.

The brief was to craft the narrative that would bridge the divide to rally their organization to look toward the future while retaining and honoring the heritage of their past.

We spent months distilling our findings from intimate and raw conversations with stakeholders, consumers and even a competitive set that was rooting for the revival of a beloved publication.

The result was a refreshed brand story both the new and tenured staff could rally behind. It tied together TIME’s new charter and was accompanied by  an in-depth analysis of what the greatest opportunities are for their readers, sales teams and owned media moving forward. 

The following is the book that we published and distributed internally: