Under Armour / Curry One


To help launch Stephen’s first signature shoe, we invited the most influential editors in sneaker culture to The Bay in California. We immersed them in a 3-day experience that treated our guests like family, not press.

Curry One.001

In true Stephen and UA style, we kept it humble.


We didn’t rent out the Museum of Modern Art or a fancy night club. Our site was the storied basketball high school, Saint Joseph Notre Dame. All the editors and our VIPs (the Make-a-Wish kids) had a seat waiting for them at Stephen’s table.


After the editors’ huddle, each of them got to put the Curry One to the test by taking to the court with Stephen himself.

To arm the editors with the right inspiration, we gave them brand new mobile phones loaded with the Curry One Passport app. The app acted as a modern-day press kit. It also held the agenda for the three days and provided a direct line of communication to Stephen and the Under Armour team.

Paying homage to the innovation and tech roots of The Bay and UA, we created a VR app that takes you through Stephen’s basketball career. It starts from his childhood days watching his father Dell take the NBA stage to present-day, looking at his bright future.

Curry VR

Capping off the three days, we hosted the editors at Oracle Arena in a box suite to watch Stephen and his Warriors take on the Cleveland Cavaliers.

There’s a lot more detail surround the experience, but instead of dragging this on, I’m going to let Mr. Foamer Simpson sum it up.

The Curry One is Under Armour’s most successful product launch to date.

@iamtregood, from Kicks Genius, reading the morning paper we slid under his hotel door.

@iamtregood, from Kicks Genius, reading the morning paper we slid under his hotel door.