Under Armour / Natural Born Hitters


Natural Born Hitters.001

To help take Under Armour from the field to the streets, we had to come up with a campaign that would help insert UA into a wider cultural conversation. The challenge was how to do it without sacrificing their core messaging to the high-performance athlete.

The bridge? Music.

Music is and will always be a unifying medium and is most interesting when you can combine unexpected elements. We had Ray Lewis, the face of football for UA coming off a Superbowl victory. So we had to pair him with someone at the top of their game in music. Hello, Mr. Pharrell Williams.

They collaborated in turning one of Ray’s game speeches into tracks that brought to life the essential elements of football to life. Through his unique artistic lens, Pharrell created tracks for pre-game, practice and game time.

We then convinced Pharrell to let us share his stems with the world so they could have their hand at taking his lead. The result was hundreds of submissions. To give everyone a shot, we even created a web app mixer tool that allowed everyone to join in. Using SoundCloud as our engine, out of the top engaged tracks, Pharrell and Ray would choose a winner.


The winner had his remix cut to the UA ‘Ready for August’ tv spot that debuted during the first Monday Night Football game of the season. The campaign attracted organic pick-up from over 30 top lifestyle and music sites, ushering UA into a cultural conversation via music.